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STEP 1 - Let's Chat

Free video call

To start any project with me, the very first step to take is to book a free 30-minute video call to tell me about your project: which room you want to redesign, why, etc. I will present you my services and the one I think best suits your needs.

If you agree, you then just have to book an on-site consultation to get the whole process started.


STEP 2 - Let's Meet

On-site Consultation

I come to your place for a 2-hour consultation so I can get a feel of the room you wish to redecorate (or you show me the space on a video call). I will ask you questions to get to know you better. I will give you my first thoughts and suggestions about the space.

After this consultation, I will send you a recap of our meeting, and a quote for each step of the Design Services you are interested in. You are then free to stop there, or continue with me for more fun, either for full design services or ad hoc support with my “Call My Designer” package.

The on-site consultation needs to be paid at booking to be confirmed.


STEP 3 - Let's Design

The Design process

starts with a room survey, and is  divided in 2 phases :

  • Space Planning: I provide you with 2 proposals of 2D floor plans for your room, and the electrical and lighting plan of the version you decided on.
  • Design concept (can start after or simultaneously as space planning) : I provide you with a moodboard, 3D CAD Drawing, sample board, furniture listing, specifications for your tradespeople. 5 meetings included (in real life or online).

You can choose to have me do the space planning without the Design concept, but I can’t do a design concept without doing the space planning as well. Nope, sorry, I just can’t do this!

Price quote


STEP 4 - Let's Do This

 Project Management

You agreed on the design, you’re all ready to start the work. Don’t think I will just leave you high and dry. I can be with you along the way, if you wish so, to help you get your room done! You have 3 options, that you can actually combine as well:

Call My Designer : 5 x 30 mns-video calls (Whatsapp or Zoom) to help you with your Interior design project you’re carrying out on your own.

I can help you in anything you need help with as long as it only involves advice from me (no drawing, sourcing, or project coordination).

You can book your calls directly through the website (up to 1 day in advance). There is no date limit for the calls, and you can book them whenever (subject to planning availability).

Package payable in advance. Contact me


Let’s Get it Done : One meeting where we discuss the schedule you wish for your project and I will help you meet your deadline with a task list and weekly calls to check on your progress.

Depending on realistically how long your project will take, you can choose from :

Package of 2 weeks (2 weekly calls) = £120

Package of 4 weeks ( 4 weekly calls) = £200

Package of 8 weeks (4 fortnightly calls)  = £200


Personal home shopper : I am a strong advocate of “Good things take time”, so I actually understand (more, I recommend!) that you take time furnishing your home with accessories and furniture that really speak to you. By purchasing a “Call My designer” package, I can help you decide when you’re out shopping, or when you find a nice piece at a vintage fair and wonder if it would fit in your new scheme. However, I also understand if you wish, or need, to furnish your room very quickly and I can source the items for you.

Price quote – Contact me

Read full T&C’s here


I always think that together we are stronger and can make a greater impact on the world around us. By working with me, you will also help one of the 3 charities below which are dear to my heart.

For each service you book from me, 5% will go to the charity of your choice.

I support Action for Children because since I became a mother 16 years ago I have been even more sensitive to anything related to children. Action for Children works to “make sure children get the best start in life and have a loving place to call home”.

I share this charity’s vision for a world where “everyone has a safe and decent place to live”. I believe that living in a salubrious home helps you keep your dignity and self-respect, even when you have to go through difficult times and face poverty.

Winter 1954, l’Abbé Pierre founded Emmaus after a terrible housing crisis in France leading to people dying in the cold. Emmaus is a charity to which the French are deeply attached and place their confidence in to fight against poverty and homelessness.


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