A bit About Me

Hello there , I’m Pascale

And I am on a mission to help homeowners who fell out of love with their home rediscover the joy of dancing in their living room through conscious organic design.


I am a proud mum of 2 teenagers, and a true island girl: born in Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, raised in New Caledonia, South Pacific, and now living in England!

I love dancing, eating, and making people happy.

My mum took me to my very first dance class when I was seven years-old and I never fell out of love with it since. I am impressed with what a dancer can achieve with their body, showing at the same time both strength and grace. I love how the soft curves of the body elegantly flows on the stage in rythm with the music, but punctuated by accents and contrast.

I love how we feel empowered and free when dancing. The dances we choose to practice reflect our personality, and bring us joy and happiness. They allow us to tell a story, express our true self in our own personal space.

What I love about dancing…

     …is what I love about interiors

Your home is YOUR space, a space that should incorporate your personality, reflect who you truly are, and bring you joy and happiness through colours and display of Art or objects of sentimental value. Your home should tell YOUR story.

Designing your space is like choreography:
organic elements telling a story through rythm, flow, emphasis and contrast.
A harmonious balance where attention to detail creates an outstanding performance.

Kindness.     Respect.    Authenticity. 

are 3 of my core values.

I believe that our world needs these values more than ever.

Through my designs I favour the use of natural materials, sublimated by human’s creativity which both I am in absolute awe of.

I favour sustainable materials, and furniture and accessories made by artisans or small design studios because I think it is time we stop favouring profit at the expense of the planet and humanity.

I encourage you to take time furnishing your home because it is the only way you can decorate it with pieces that have real value to you: either you found them during a beautiful family trip or made them yourself over several week-ends.

When designing, ask yourself those 3 questions:

Do these design solutions respect the planet ? Do they support Humanity ? Are they true to myself ?

I  help you bring your interior project to life.


If you have a hard time starting your home project, or fear of taking too much time once you started it, I can help you with that!

After 15 years as a Project Coordinator, working in cultural events and cinema, planning and getting things done is what I do!

I am an Organiser and an Achiever.

However, I don’t want you to just enjoy the show, I want you to be part of the corps de ballet because there’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than the satisfaction of having done things yourself.

I’m just here to help  🙂

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